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"Flowers 1" - Reverse Glass Painting, Mixed Media, 34"x32"

"Flowers 1" - Reverse Glass Painting, Mixed Media, 34"x32"

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34" x 32" Colorful Abstract Floral Painting for Home or Office, Reverse Glass Painting (Original) - "Flowers 1"

  • Acrylic and Enamel on Glass Canvas (Reverse Glass Painting)
  • Antique window frame, original to the glass canvas
  • Weatherproof - painting sealed with backside clear acrylic resin
  • 34" x 32" x 1.5"
  • 2020
  • Art for hanging on walls, in windows - or even outside
  • Signed by artist

"Flowers 1" is a reverse glass painting created by RVA246. This unique art painting is an abstract floral design with warm hues. 

What's more, the glass canvas aspect of the piece allows for multiple viewing experiences depending on lighting direction (front lit vs. back lit.)  The painting is sealed with acrylic resin to protect the paint from the elements.

"Painting on glass is intriguing, not just for the reverse process and the happy accidents you'll find within each piece, but the refraction of the glass canvas itself gives the colors a crystal clarity and richness that really make the work pop."

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