About RVA246.com - The Artwork of Bobby Anderson

About RVA246.com - The Artwork of Bobby Anderson

Welcome to RVA246.com, the online art gallery store of American artist, Bobby Anderson.

Bobby Anderson - Artist RVA246From the Artist

Hello and welcome! I am a painter, sculptor, and creator based in Memphis who believes in using art to heal, soothe, invigorate, and entertain.

Originally from Texas, I'm the son of an inventor / engineer father and a creative writer mother. I suppose it's natural I've been involved in creating "helpful, effective, and imaginative" work for as long as I can remember. I tend to blend ingenuity and utility, creating art objects that energize your heart and imagination. I love the personal challenge and magical makespace involved in conjuring engaging creations out of next to nothing - creations that bring smiles to your face and joy to your soul.

Basically, it's serious art that doesn't seem serious until you realize it seriously works - and you seriously love it. Like movies you love to watch over and over, I strive for art that catches your eye and imagination at every pass, delivering youthful wonder, imagination, and fun, for whenever you need it.

Art and Accolades

Growing up, if Mr. Anderson wasn't playing soccer, he was drawing or building things. He loved science, art, games and creating storylines for his creations. He taught himself the piano and guitar and soon began to mix all of these skills into short videos while in high school.

Mr. Anderson attended The University of the South in Sewanee, TN, initially pre-med, his creative side led him to completing tracks in both art history and studio art. He focused on narrative storytelling and filmmaking.

His thesis work, a 13 minute film, "Visual Harmony" took center stage at the 1993 Sewanee Art Show, with Mr. Anderson producing, directing, editing and scoring the film's soundtrack.

After graduation, and a brief stint in art sales, Bobby completed a Master of Arts at the University of Memphis in Communications and Film. 

His graduate degree thesis, a short film "A Look in Her Eyes," won Best in Show at both the Indie Memphis and Nashville Film Festivals in 1998. In addition to writing, directing, and editing, he also performed the narration and again wrote and performed the film's musical soundtrack. 

What I seek in all my work is an outcome of joy, love, healing, some sort of catharsis or at least a hearty belly laugh that gets people smiling, talking, and feeling good.

The Go-To Guy

With his background, education, and breadth of skills, Mr. Anderson soon landed jobs leading e-commerce, product development, and marketing projects for companies like Toys"R"us and Amazon. 

Over the next decade, he directed creative and technical teams, ultimately rising to the C-Suite, serving as COO, President, and CEO for a major medical education company for several years. 

But Behind the Scenes...

At this point, Mr. Anderson found himself far removed from the excitement and joy of making things that had fueled him to success. Having completed projects and campaigns for 20 years for others and achieving the traditional "top of the ladder" benchmark, Mr. Anderson found himself mired in dissatisfaction, mental burnout, and unhealthy habits.

A Wake Up Call

In early 2019, Mr. Anderson got a wake up call from the stress and internal conflict he'd been carrying.

I was working at my desk and heard what sounded like a plane coming down on my office. I went to look outside and I realized it wasn't outside - it was inside of me!

Almost immediately a pressure built in his head. A moment later, the pressure dissipated and as it did, the vision in his right eye slowly tilted.

At the hospital, he learned it was a "minor" cerebral hemorrhage.

Looking at the CT, the neurologist said, "Well, you're very fortunate. If you're going to have a brain hemorrhage, you had it exactly where you want to." 

Dodging a bullet, he knew something had to change. 

In search of recovery and relief, he returned to art. Woodwork. Painting. Drawing. Welding. Building. As it turned out, creating things with his own hands was the healing home he needed.

Not only did he find soothing respite as he recovered physically, he found the happiness he had been missing. It was more than a sign. It was truly living again.


I was reminded of what I loved to do and what others ultimately loved of me. Making things. Creativity. Cool twists. The Wow moment. Something from nothing. Taking a problem or pain and fixing it. Wonder. Humor. Compassion. Joy. Here's the idea, here's the audience... move hearts and minds.

Mr. Anderson decided to take a chance - on himself - making art that gets something done - exploring, growing, and healing along the way.  

Turns out, people loved the work and how it made them feel better too.

Bobby Anderson - Artist RVA246.comToday  

Mr. Anderson works and lives in the art-centric area of Midtown in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife, daughter, and their dogs and cats.

Mr. Anderson creates in many mediums - paintings, drawings, sculptures, and unique art lamps for personal and business clientele.

His work can be found on social media and in homes and businesses across the country and abroad.

He is available for professional creative services as well as fine art commissions.

You can see his work at RVA246.com.

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