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Helper Bot - Handmade Sculpture, Phone, Pen, Item Holder

Helper Bot - Handmade Sculpture, Phone, Pen, Item Holder

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Everyone Needs a Helper Bot!

Each Helper Bot is like a mini-commission of real art - that helps, delights, and lasts.

What is a Helper Bot?

It's a phone holder. It's a pen holder. It's unique piece of functional art.

Helper Bots are handmade art objects - cute, metal android sculptures atop sturdy bases - that can hold your smartphone, pens, and other items.

Real art. Real cute. Real value.

These are handmade, functional art creations made from recycled materials.

Each art piece (bot) is signed and numbered by the artist in sequence of creation.

Like any art object, each Helper Bot will have its own unique variances. 

All bots include:

  • A set to helping hands (to hold your phone, stylus, or other items)
  • A base-integrated pen holder
  • A colorful glass marble head (color may vary)

Sizes and Specs

Sizes can range from approximately 4" to 8" tall. Remember, these guys are handmade from recycled materials, so every bot is a little differentIt's part of owning a "one-of-a-kind" art piece.

Nevertheless, your helper bot will be well-constructed, task-tested, and ready to serve its owner in its utilitarian capacities, dutifully, forever.

A Great Art Gift for Anyone!

Perfect for your home or office. Perfect for the art lover or anyone who likes fun and function!

"These bots are simply fun, delightful, and USEFUL art objects at an affordable price, made to provide assistance and joy every day for a long time." - Bobby Anderson, Artist

Availability Is Limited! Order Today.

These guys are handmade and hard to keep in stock! Current inventory will sell out quickly (and these are handmade by a real human, me!) Order your bot now to get it one as soon as possible.

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      The photos here are examples. No two bots are 100% the same.

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