Commissions - How to Commission Artwork from Bobby Anderson

Yes, I do commissions. I do portraits in various media, custom lamps, sculpture, yard / garden art, and more.

If you are interested in a commission, first, thank you for your interest in my work. 

To begin your inquiry, please complete the contact form on my website.

About Commissions 

I am open to taking commissions at this time based on the following industry-standard guidelines and requirements. 

Establish Communication. 

First, we'll connect and talk about what you're after. A successful commission is built on good client-artist communication. I assume you are a real-life art collector with verifiable contact information, heh. Let's work to avoid surprises, build trust, and create something amazing.

Define Scope of Work. 

If you desire specific dimensions, materials, subject matter, style, etc, those specifics need to be provided, preferably in writing. We will establish project feedback checkpoints (if needed), a basic timeline, payment and delivery details. Obviously, you've come to me because you like my work. I assume you want my creative output, therefore, creative freedom, respectful of your known wishes, is implicitly agreed. The commission project details will be written up in any agreement that will need to be signed.

Get a Quote. 

A price quote will be provided once the work parameters are known. There are several factors that influence price, most notably size and materials.


No work will begin before a signed agreement is in place. This can be a simple electronic correspondence where both parties agree to terms. 

Start Payment.

As per any art commission, the service you are securing, a percentage of the final price is required upfront. This percentage is typically 50% (up to 100%) of the total cost, based on negotiated project steps (i.e. sketch previews, client feedback checkpoints as agreed, etc.)  This is standard in artwork commissions. All shipping and packaging costs are to be paid by the client.

By this point, your specifications will have been discussed and understood. I will be happy to develop rough sketches for your composition and peace of mind before I begin. I will do my best for you.

Final Payment and Delivery.

Once your commission is complete, final payment will be due. Your work will then be sent to you. All shipping and packaging costs are to be paid by the client.


Change Orders. Changes to the initial agreement or concept may result in additional costs or an extended timeline.

Copyright. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the artist retains the copyright to the artwork, meaning that the client cannot reproduce or sell commercial usage of the artwork without the artist's permission. 

Delivery and Final Payment.

Refunds. Once an agreement is in place and you cancel the commission BEFORE any work has begun, 50% of any upfront fee will be refunded. No refunds are available after work has begun. Total payment is required for final delivery.