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Original Art Lamp by RVA246 - Data Dastard, Op. 13

Original Art Lamp by RVA246 - Data Dastard, Op. 13

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Cue Evil Laugh... and Light It Up!

Data Dastard is robot art lamp #13 created by artist Bobby Anderson (RVA246). 

Feeling mischievous? You'll love Data Dastard, a robot-inspired floor lamp that brings a fun, sinister vibe to any location. Standing 64" tall, this one-of-a-kind robot art lamp is ideal as an entryway statement piece or corner lighting art piece.

This robot art lamp sports two posable arms with candelabra uzi hands, a fancy marble-embellished crown, and perhaps the best, evil-bot-stash in the galaxy. 

Head and arms can be adjusted for a variety of poses and locations. Internal access allows you to hide your objects and world domination plans.

Three candelabra fixtures (head, guns) provide a sexy glow of intrigue to any environment.


  • One-of-a-kind, hand-made art lamp by Bobby Anderson (RVA246)
  • Posable head and arms
  • Single power button on back
  • Secret storage bay (internal access)
  • 64" tall, 32" wide, 24" deep, free standing
  • 3 candelabra fixtures (head, guns/hands)
  • Badass robot mustache
  • Made from recycled materials, scrap metal, and verve
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