• Lawnmowitis Effectively Shuts Down Bobbington 19

    Lawmowitis Effectively Shuts Down Region of Bobbington

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Effective Immediately, the State of Bobbington has curtailed all activities in the Lower Back community of Lumbar due the first case of Lawnmowitis this year. Lawnmowitis is a serious condition related to aging hotshots thinking they can just muscle through that overgrown lawn patch on a precarious upslope while wearing questionable footware. Today’s ground Zero event…

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    Welcome to RVA246.com

    What is RVA246.com? RVA246.com is a website created by Robert V. “Bobby” Anderson as a way for him and his creative friends to be able to better share creative work and ideas to the world.  After posting items directly to personal social accounts for some time, it became apparent that too much good, funny, and serious work was being entirely…