Welcome to RVA246.com

What is RVA246.com?

RVA246.com is a website created by Robert V. “Bobby” Anderson as a way for him and his creative friends to be able to better share creative work and ideas to the world.  After posting items directly to personal social accounts for some time, it became apparent that too much good, funny, and serious work was being entirely missed by those interested, but small, hit-or-miss audiences.  And unless you decided to scour through months of social network post history, you’d never find all the content you may have missed.

What’s on RVA246.com?

This site offers a mixture of artwork, film & video, humor, opinion, and other up and coming artists as well.

Really, what you’ll get here is a mix between an Art Gallery, The Onion, and Opinion mainly created by creative people with graduate degrees, multi-industry experience, and a respect for the larger, traveled world and all the people in it… some exceptions, but you probably would agree.

Anyway, if you like to see new, original work and like to have a laugh, you are welcome to subscribe to the RVA246 newsletter to be informed of new posts. 100% free.

It's fun time. Let's get rollin'.